Australia’s greatest war time casualties occurred during World Wars I and II when 101,086 Servicemen and women paid the ultimate sacrifice while serving this nation. This represents 98% of Australia’s total war time casualties in all conflicts to date.

Memorials remembering the sacrifice and loss suffered by Australia particularly during World War I but also World War II may be found in all the State capitals of the Commonwealth of Australia. As the national capital has developed, there has been an increasing tendency, significantly in recent years, to develop the Australian War Memorial, its grounds and Anzac Parade as the national memorials precinct. As a result, this precinct includes many outstanding memorials and artifacts recognizing the contribution of Australian men and women who have served the nation or paid the ultimate sacrifice.

While all Australians are impressed by the quality of the Australian War Memorial and the Anzac Parade precinct, the unfortunate fact is, although there are monuments to the Vietnam and Korea conflicts, the precinct does not provide memorials to the two major conflicts that had the greatest impact on the nation.


The Memorial(s) Development Committee task is to elicit support to plan, design, construct and dedicate separate, but complementary, memorials to World Wars I and II within the National Triangle of our national capital. Following the announcement by the Memorials(s) Development Committee on 24 February 2012 that it had requested the National Capital Authority's agreement to a change in location of the proposed World War I and World War II memorials to vacant sites on Anzac Parade, the Authority announced it would undertake a public consultation and assessment process and that it would provide further advice to the Canberra National Memorials Committee about the proposal later in 2012. Inevitably, the proposed relocation will require compliance with site criteria that apply to all memorials on Anzac Parade. The Memorial(s) Development Committee is confident that the original winning design by Richard Kirk Architects can be appropriately modified to suit the Anzac Parade environment, while retaining the key design elements that characterised the winning concept.

Memorials design brochure


The images on this page show the winning design proposed for the Rond Terrace site, they will be replaced in due course pending approval for a change of site and the development designs appropriate to the Anzac Parade sites.

World War I Memorial

World War II Memorial



Gaza War Cemetery, 1940
Courtesy Australian War Memorial
ID 007394